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Flax Seeds For Weight Loss

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Flax Seeds For Weight Loss

By Anita | | No Comments

You may have heard of this little seed that packs a BIG punch, but did you know that one of it’s many health benefits is that…

It can actually help you Lose Weight. 

The fiber in flax slows digestion and thus helps you to feel full faster!

Flax also helps to prevent blood sugar spikes, which makes it a wonderful addition to your daily smoothie! And by preventing spikes in blood sugar, it decreases the amount of insulin your body releases, helping your body to use more of its stored fat.


You may be wondering how and in which form you should purchase your flax seeds. You will find them readily available at your local supermarket or online in the form of whole seeds, ground meal, oil, or pills.

There are two main varieties of flax seeds: Golden and Brown. 

So how do you know which one you should choose? 

You may have heard that brown seeds have more omega-3 fatty acids, and are therefore the “preferred” seed. One study did show that brown flax has 57% omega compared to 51% omega in golden flax. The percent of oil that can be extracted from golden versus brown is almost equal. But, the golden seeds have been found to have slightly more protein.

While we are evaluating each type of flax seed, let’s be honest. ALL of the benefits of each variety of flax are most likely not yet known, so when you add flax seeds to your diet we recommend rotating between golden and brown. That way you will be able to benefit from all of the goodness available in each type of the seed.

We do know that flax seeds in general are high in B vitamins, minerals, and omega-9 essential fatty acids. Flax contains a compound called lignans, which have been found to fight cancer. And these super seeds are also high in fiber, which helps to prevent constipation. Consuming flax has been shown to decrease “bad” cholesterol and increase skin health as well.

We always recommend grinding your seeds fresh rather than grinding them ahead of time or buying flax meal. The seeds are super easy to grind in an electric coffee mill. Coffee mills are not very expensive and super easy to use. We have one coffee grinder that we use specifically for grinding our flax and chia seeds, as we don’t really want our ground seeds to taste like coffee.

But then again, would that really be such a bad thing? Hmmm….. 

One fantastic use for flax seeds is as an
egg replacement or thickening agent.

Simply add 1 Tbsp of ground flax seed to 3 Tbsp filtered water, stir, and let the mixture sit until it reaches an egg consistency.

As Jarrod likes to say, “It really is just….that….simple.”


It’s also a really good idea to add flax oil to your diet. Among it’s many benefits, it is a great vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acids that has been found to reduce inflammation, and thus decrease pain and other health issues. Studies also suggest that the oil can increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls and decrease blood pressure.

Flax oil makes a delicious and healthy addition to salad dressings, homemade mayo, sauces, and dips. Please keep in mind that ingesting rancid flax oil, or any type of rancid oil for that matter, can be bad for your health. Smell and taste the oil when you open it to make sure there is no rancid or “off” smell or flavor. This oil is best stored in the refrigerator after opening.

Also, please never heat this oil, as heating it can take it from healthy to harmful. It is best used on raw foods or for drizzling onto cooked foods after they are done.

If you think you might have leftovers that you want to re-heat later, add the oil to each individual serving to avoiding heating the oil the next day.

And to buy the best possible flax oil, always choose organic.

Happy Flaxing! 🙂

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