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There Is Hope

I have a friend who’s really been struggling. He’s in pain. Now, I’m not talking about some small little aches and pains. No, this is the kind of pain that makes it next to impossible for you to do your work, your daily tasks, and also keeps you up at night. It holds you back from getting out and enjoying your life to the fullest. It’s pain that stops you…
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The Dairy Dilemma: You Asked…We Answer

So, many of you have asked us why we decided to significantly reduce the amount of dairy that we eat. And the short and sweet answer is that it all comes down to the quality of milk as a food. So let's start at the beginning... Cow’s milk, well... It is designed to grow baby cows Into adult cows as quickly as possible. From a small calf to a large…
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Dairy: The Struggle Is REAL

Drink your milk! Eat your dairy! For crying out loud, it’s a part of the Food Pyramid/ USDA Choose My Plate Guidelines, so surely it’s healthy! Right?! There is so much information about dairy that you've probably never been told. And if I am being completely honest, I fought learning the facts on this one for a long while. In the past I used a TON of dairy when cooking…
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To Grate Or Not To Grate… THAT is the Question

Our family has GREATLY reduced our dairy intake, and there are reasons for that. (No pun intended!) While we won't get into the reasons just yet, if you are still eating any cheese at all, there is something very important that you need to know! But first, we have a question for you... Do you choose to purchase pre-shredded cheese or to freshly grate it yourself? Let us help you make…
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Seeds: What You Need To Know

Did you know that those seeds you have been throwing away all this time are actually powerhouses of nutrients? They actually contain vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and other beneficial compounds.  Seeds also have many health benefits, such boosting your body's ability to fight cancer, fight parasites, and decrease inflammation. You've probably heard that eating some seeds can be harmful, so we're going to help you unravel the mystery.  Many…