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There Is Hope

I have a friend who’s really been struggling. He’s in pain. Now, I’m not talking about some small little aches and pains. No, this is the kind of pain that makes it next to impossible for you to do your work, your daily tasks, and also keeps you up at night. It holds you back from getting out and enjoying your life to the fullest. It’s pain that stops you…
August 8, 2019
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One Simple Way To Eat More Calories & Lose Weight

Did you know that you can actually eat MORE food and lose weight? Perhaps that doesn't sound quite right to you, since you've heard over and over again that you have to limit your calories if you want to lose weight and reach your health goals. But consider this one question: Has focusing on limiting calories ever brought you the long term success you deserve?   One of the main reasons…
June 12, 2019
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Before Hayfever Goes Haywire

It’s that time of year again.... The sun peeks over the horizon a little earlier. Birds sing a little louder. Temperatures are warming up. You are thrilled to finally put on your favorite shorts. The coffee in your mug even seems to taste better! That’s right... it’s Spring! This morning starts like every other morning, however, something is different. Something's a little off.  You can’t place your finger on it,…
May 18, 2018