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Dairy: The Struggle Is REAL

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Dairy: The Struggle Is REAL

By Anita | | No Comments

Drink your milk! Eat your dairy! For crying out loud, it’s a part of the Food Pyramid/ USDA Choose My Plate Guidelines, so surely it’s healthy! Right?!

There is so much information about dairy that you’ve probably never been told.

And if I am being completely honest, I fought learning the facts on this one for a long while.

In the past I used a TON of dairy when cooking for our family and I was probably one of cheese’s biggest fans! But as time went on and our family learned more about the Health and Weight Issues that are connected with eating dairy, and the whys behind it all, we knew that we had to start reducing the amount we ate. (Stay tuned for more of the whys coming soon.)

But anyone who has known us for long knows what we always say…

So here’s the thing…if you are sick and tired of riding the Diet Yo-Yo Train, and you honestly want to see lasting changes in your Weight and your Health, this is one of the essential KEYS to success!

Never ever remove something that is harming you without replacing it with something great.

Otherwise, what will happen? Well, you are going to get HANGRY for that thing…

And then that ONE thing that you have told yourself you can no longer have… in the end you are going to go APE CRAZY on it!


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