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There Is Hope

By Anita | | No Comments

I have a friend who’s really been struggling. He’s in pain. Now, I’m not talking about some small little aches and pains. No, this is the kind of pain that makes it next to impossible for you to do your work, your daily tasks, and also keeps you up at night. It holds you back from getting out and enjoying your life to the fullest.

It’s pain that stops you from doing the things you love the most!

So what did he do? Just as he knew he should, he made an appointment to see a doctor for help. But he didn’t just choose any doctor. Of course, he wanted the best so he decided to go to an extremely well respected clinic to get the answers and solutions that were so desperately needed.

He recently shared his frustration with me about that appointment. You see, during the appointment the doctor discussed chronic late-stage arthritis, and said that with this disease you are “just going to have severe pain.” That’s it. This is the “answer” that was given. Nothing else…that’s all!

As you can imagine, my friend left that appointment feeling quite discouraged.  He’d been hoping for a real answer and solutions to his serious problem. Yet, he got nothing apart from the advice of “you’re just going to have to live with it.”

Jarrod and I have heard so many versions of this same story over and over again.

To to tell you the truth, we’ve even lived it ourselves. There was a time when my energy level was low and I was hurting so badly. I literally couldn’t even get up off the couch to walk up one single flight of stairs to tuck my children into bed at night!

And no one seemed to have the answers….No one.

We understand how dealing with health issues and not getting the answers you need leaves you with the desperate and crushing feeling that a disease has control over you.

You feel like there’s simply nothing you can do about it except bide your time as this disease simply has its way. After all, that’s what your previous experience and even the well-respected expert in the field has told you. You feel that there’s no way to break free from this disease (because you barely have enough energy to push past the pain to do just some of your required daily tasks). Never mind feeling like playing with the kids. You feel like there will be no more enjoying your vacations to their fullest, hiking, biking, swimming, or even simply going shopping for that matter.

It seems like there are just so….many….no mores.

Having experiences like these often leads to a disease becoming part of your actual identity. It may sound something like this: You no longer think or talk in terms such as, “I have diabetes” or “I need to lose weight.” Your words now sound something like: “I AM a diabetic” or “I AM fat.”

But the truth is, you are not your disease or your condition, and it doesn’t have to be the steering wheel that determines your destination!

You know what? There are real answers backed by science, but few talk about them. And in the rare cases when they do talk about them, you aren’t told how to simply, enjoyably, and effectively implement the answers into your life. 

And that’s what gets us fired up! :0

If you take nothing else from this post today, please hear this: There is hope and there are real answers.

No matter how far “gone” you may feel, you can start doing things right now to improve your health, feel better, and begin living a vibrant life again!

That’s why Jarrod and I are SO very passionate about sharing the things we’ve learned with you.

Over the years we’ve dug, poured over scientific research, and lived an incredible journey. Through all these experiences we’ve learned beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is something you can do. Something besides just sit around and wait for a disease process to unfold. 

By doing these things we’ve experienced health and energy restored to our own lives. And when those around us started noticing the positive changes in our health, they began asking a lot of questions. As a result, we’ve been able to help them on their path to wellness too.

And in our eyes, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

You need to know that more often than not, you have much more control over disease processes and your health issues than you’ve been led to believe.

I’m about to share something with you that may be a “hard pill to swallow,” no pun intended. But this is the truth, and because we care about you we just can’t stay silent about it.

Your relationship with food may be a huge part of the problem, and it’s can also a huge part of the solution.

Now I’m certainly not saying that it’s the only part, because there are many other aspects of life you should consider on your journey to health. However, the way you are feeding your body, whether or not you’re giving it the nutrients it requires, lies at the core of so very many disease processes. And once you are able to truly understand that, the REAL key is knowing what to do about it. What steps should you take to get on the path to healing so that you can get out there and fully enjoy your life again?

Now please hear me. I’m not talking about counting calories, keeping up with fat grams, points, or even ridding your life of all carbs. The truth is that none of these things will work long term. They are unhealthy ways to live, and they will make you flat out crazy and miserable.  In the end, you’ll most likely find yourself right back where you started. And let’s be honest. No one wants to live that way!

Listen, Jarrod and I both grew up loving great food, and that has never changed. As a child, my parents even owned a restaurant, so many of my days completely revolved around food. Since health and food are so closely related, we knew that we had to develop a healthy relationship with food that would work for the long haul. It had to be simple to implement, taste really incredible, and be something that we wanted to do forever. Not something that made us live for cheat days!

There is a large body of scientific evidence that is available which whole-heartedly confirms that fact that what you eat can destroy your health, and it can rebuild it as well. It’s a fact that there are many people who have become completely disease free simply or at the very least greatly lessened their symptoms by changing what they eat.

This…is…reality. And the great news is that food is something that you do have control over. This is not about bad luck or simply a case of bad genes. 

We want you to think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. 

Because when you can grasp the reality of that, you can begin to take the power back. And that’s when things can start to change! 

On this journey with you, we will be sharing simple steps that you can take to start feeling like yourself again.

But the first important step is to realize that there are real answers and….

There is hope!

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