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To Grate Or Not To Grate… THAT is the Question

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To Grate Or Not To Grate… THAT is the Question

By Jarrod | | No Comments

Our family has GREATLY reduced our dairy intake, and there are reasons for that. (No pun intended!) While we won’t get into the reasons just yet, if you are still eating any cheese at all, there is something very important that you need to know!

But first, we have a question for you…

Do you choose to purchase pre-shredded cheese or to freshly grate it yourself?

Let us help you make the right choice.

While pre-shredded may save you a little time, this option typically comes with several extra additives:

Potato starch

Used to prevent the cheese from sticking to itself. Now, while that may not sound too bad, you must remember that there are some pretty big GMO concerns with potatoes, and the potatoes used in the process are most likely not organic.


Also used to prevent “clumping” of the cheese, cellulose actually comes from finely ground wood or cotton fibers. Now if you’re like us, you probably haven’t been craving any wood dust lately! We also don’t have cotton cravings, and it’s important to remember that cotton is known to be sprayed heavily with pesticides as well.


Added to prevent mold, Natamycin is an anti-fungal agent that is used to help to extend the shelf life of your pre- shredded cheese from 2 weeks to 4-5 weeks. 


It’s very important to learn to ask the right questions.
And the real question here is:

If you want to feel better and live longer, why would you choose to put any of those things into your body if you don’t have to?

So if you do have some cheese in your diet, remember that:

*Shredding your own is very often less expensive.
*Cheese tastes much better without the powdery coating.
*Grating your own cheese saves you from exposure to all of the additives.
*Choosing products in a form closest to their natural state is the best choice.

So there you have it.

If you do eat cheese, please remember this simple rule…

When compared to pre-shredded cheese, freshly shredded cheese is just GRATE, or at least GRATER! 😉

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